THE CULTIVATION PROCESS - Strategic Planning and Brand Development Process

‘Cultivating your ideas into reality’

‘Whether you are starting something new or feeling like you
or your organisation may need to reassess why, what and how?
We encourage you to take the time to reflect, consolidate and
plan. Please see the feedback from our clients below!’

Enter the Greenhouse.....align your head and your heart in the work that you do!

Here is how the ‘The Cultivation Process’ can benefit you...

  • Bringing a deeper structure, flow and purpose to your business/ organisation/ brand/ work by developing your VISION
  • Creating more clarity, direction and focus to what you are doing by developing CORE GOALS and articulating your OFFERING and the different PLATFORMS
  • Clarifying the VALUE you are offering and bridging the gap between you and your AUDIENCE by really understanding who your audience is
  • Creating unique BRAND IDENTITY and MESSAGING for effective communication through the best CHANNELS
  • Developing a synergistic TEAM with clear roles & responsibilities so that everyone focuses on what they do best
  • Creating an ACTION PLAN detailing outcomes and tasks to simply bring your plan into action
  • Clearing blocks in the way to reaching desired outcomes, which makes room for much growth and abundance on all levels

We invite you to come and visit us for an initial assessment!

The next step would be for us to facilitate a Workshop with you to extract key information. We utilize an original guiding framework including a series of key questions, structured exercises and visualization techniques. The length of the workshop is dependant on your needs and budget, and can be scheduled at flexible times.

Our synergistic team has combined 20 years experience in strategic thinking, business consulting, stakeholder relationships, brand & product development, marketing and creative direction

The workshop framework fundamentally address three core questions..
  • Where are you now?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • How are you going to get there?

After the Workshop the findings are strategically assessed and developed into a Strategy & Action Plan tailored to your needs.

We present your strategy in a PowerPoint document for you to use as a guiding tool for moving ahead to cultivating your vision.

The total process varies in length depending on the needs of the individual, it could be between 1 and 4 days.

Our synergistic team have combined 20 years experience in strategic thinking, business consulting, stakeholder relationships,
brand & product development, marketing and creative direction.

“A Mind With Heart Has The Power To Create”

Many individuals, businesses and organisations have been through ‘The Cultivation Process’ and we have received amazing feedback....

“proving invaluable to develop strategic certainty and maintain focused actions” read more...
- Rob Small (Founder of Farm & Garden National Trust and Ashoka Fellow)

“reminded us of why had started the business and gave us a new vision, not to mention a new logo and branding” read more...
- Anton Cartwright (Founder, The PACE Centre, carbon trading and consulting)

“our brand has become consolidated and tight”
- Beryn Daniels (Co-founder, Soaring Free Superfoods)

“a deeper structure and purpose of business”
- Jean-Pierre Le Roux (CEO and Alchemical Director of Soma Whole Life Elements)

“provided strategic and creative alignment”
- Sylvia Sergl (CSI Representative, IBM Germany)

“a place to explore and grow ideas and business” read more...
- Donovan Copley (Lead, South African band, Hot Water)

“an inspirational way of helping us nurture our thoughts to reality” read more...
- Rupert McKerron (Founder and CEO, McNab’s Energy Enhancers)

“a transformational process”
- Hanley Prinsloo (8 times South African Freediving Record Holder, filmmaker and Ocean Adventurer)

To set up a time for an initial assessment or more information please contact Juliet  
021 462 1710